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Information for our Future Clients


Ray’s Estate Sales conducts estate and liquidation sales throughout Louisville and surrounding areas including southern Indiana.  We understand the necessity to stand out and above these other companies in what we offer our clients.

What’s different about Ray's Estate Sales from other companies?

Ray's Estate Sales has a PASSION for this industry.   We LOVE what we do and it shows.  Marketing and advertising are KEY to a great sale.  Ray's Estate Sales brings an element to our sales and marketing that is unique to us as a company.  Although Ray will work to coordinate your estate sale with the sale of you home there are many advantages to using Julie Yeager-Cayot with RE/MAX Properties East.  Together with her real estate expertise, interior design, and his knowledge of antiques, furniture, artwork, and jewelry, they are able to provide the homeowner with a worry and stress free move.  The advertising of the home and estate sale will be such an asset to the homeowner.  Knowing that she will be working with him throughout the entire process we are able to provide a discount on the commission from the estate sale. They work together side by side until the entire transaction is 100% complete. This partnership has allowed many homeowners the availability to move without concern, to their new location before their current home is sold.

If you live out of town and are in charge of overseeing the sale of an estate and the furnishings we are able to provide you a stress and worry free environment.  Ray and Julie will handle the entire process for you and keep you informed, and if you wish you do not have to be in town for any of the transaction process.  We are able to take your home from estate sale staging to the closing table without you doing any work.



How do you market our sale?

Our marketing does not only consist of placing ads in the newspaper, we market a huge email list of buyers who follow our sales, market your pictures on our Facebook page, Facebook Marketplace, craigslist, estateSales.net,  estatesales.org, as well as our webpage.  We not only market in the Louisville area, but also take our marketing to Indiana and Ohio counties.  Specialty items are also marketed on ebay for audiences all over the country. When we have both the sale of your home and the items in your home we also to a professional color large postcard to approximately 2000 homes near your location.  This not only markets your home for sale but also the contents.  Lots of people stand in line waiting for our sales to begin on Friday morning.  

Do I have enough items to hold an estate sale?

Typically, if you are looking to liquidate an entire household you will have enough items to warrant a full 2 to 3-day estate sale. Average household being a minimum of 3 / 4 bedrooms, living area, kitchen etc. However, despite the size of the house, all sales are different.  If we are not able to do a sale — we can give you different paths to handle moving the items.  These items should be a good mix of everyday household items (small appliances, electronics, cleaning supplies, books, clothes, etc.), furniture, tools or yard items, decorator items (mirrors, candlesticks, artwork), table and bed linens, kitchenware, collector items or antiques.  

You may also set reserves on larger items, or items that have high value. Larger estates sometimes require an additional weekend.   Once again — each sale is different.

How are items displayed at the sale?

We come in your home and actually stage your items for sale.  We also bring in professional shelving that allows us to display more items and spread them out so they can be seen.  Time and again we have shopped other estate sales and find that items were simply placed about, creating more of a hoarding look instead of placing the items in manner that would create a “show place.” We aim to have each of our sales look professional and beautiful so that people are happy to purchase items from the sale. Successful home interior stores stage and so do we!!! We actually continuing staging during your sale.  As some items are moving out the door we are moving items around the home to make sure your home is inviting as people walk through. 

Each estate is different:

Ray's Estate Sales markets each sale according to what is available – from antiques, to books to everyday items.  There’s always something you have to sell that someone else will want to add to their collection.

Why should we hire an estate sale company versus doing it ourselves?

Running a successful estate sale can quickly turn into a full-time job. For most families it is hard to juggle and find the necessary time to devote to the project.  Pricing, organizing, research, set-up, marketing the event, working the event (and finding enough volunteers to help), bartering with buyers, and final cleanup is not only time consuming,  but can also be mentally exhausting for family members trying to stage their own sale.  The number of people that attend our sales is enough of a reason to hire us to run your estate sale.


How do we know which items are worth what?  How will you guarantee a good turn out to your sale?

By hiring Ray's Estate Sales it’s as easy as handing over the key and letting us do the work. We know how to price accordingly and research items quickly. We have an extensive list of buyers and dealers, and our extensive advertising and marketing always insures a good crowd.  We take the stress off you. If you are moving,  go ahead to your new location and we will have your home ready for the next buyer. Factor in how much your time (and sanity) is worth to you, and we think you’ll find that our commission rate is well worth the service!

Should I clean up the house or dispose of items prior to bringing in an estate sale company?

We ask that any medications be disposed of properly (i.e. taking to a pharmacy).  Discard any papers, trash, etc.  Personal papers and information should be gone. As we go through the home we will gather up any personal papers, medications, and personal items we think you may have missed and put them in a box for you to have.

We’ve sold, hauled off or cleared the home of all the “small” stuff, would you still be interested in selling the furniture only?


Yes, still call Ray's Estate Sales.  Depending on what is left, we can help market it for at least a one-day sell. The other option is for us to pack up your items and have them moved to our warehouse on consignment or to a future sale.


What items sell well at an Estate sale? Do we need to have lots of antiques?

Antiques & Collections are fabulous!  They always help a sale; however, they are not required to have a successful sale.  Some of our most successful sales have been in homes where there was not a single antique or collectible. In these cases, having good clean furniture, lots of small items, decor pieces, etc. helped the sale tremendously.  In today's economy most buyers attending estate sales are looking for good bargains on everyday use items.  Here is a short list of items that are selling really well at our estate sales right now:


  • Tools of any type

  • Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, yard equipment etc.

  • Patio Furniture & Grills

  • Vintage items

  • Costume jewelry

  • Gold, silver & coins

  • Guns & Hunting equipment

  • WW2 memorabilia

  • Nice home décor items

  • Furniture (if in good, clean condition)

  • And don’t worry if you do have antiques or collectibles, we always have that market for those items as well!


Are there any items that traditionally don’t do well at a sale?


Right now there are a few items that see at almost every other sale that typically are still remaining after the sale.

  • Older Furniture- if furniture is outdated (and not considered antique or vintage) it can sometimes be hard to sell. If it is stained, ripped or has pet or smoke odors it can also be hard to sell.

  • Older electronics – cabinet TV’s and stereos, some are considered collectible and vintage, others are just considered outdated.

  • Encyclopedia sets


Regardless, if you have any of these items in your estate we ask that you leave them in place until we have had the opportunity to assess them.


What if Ray’s Estate Sales find personal items (money, paperwork, photographs, etc.) while preparing the house for the sale?


 Even in cases where the family has thoroughly gone through the house, by the time we clean out every drawer, closet cabinet etc.,  it is inevitable that we will find something. No worries though, we box all of these items up for you and either make arrangements for you to pick them up or ship them to you if you are out of area.

Do we need to have the cabinets, drawers and closets emptied out before you set up?


No, that is part of our service.  We will remove all items and set them out on display. However, if there is an excessive amount of garbage in the home that a regular trash can will not hold we may need to have a dumpster delivered and this will be at an additional charge.  You will need to keep your garbage pick up active at your home until after the sale.

Do you inventory and tag all the items?


Yes, we do a complete inventory on the computer of items over $50, and print out tags for  items with a description as well as a price.  Items under $50 will have a tag printed out from the computer with the price.  Some items are grouped together and larger tags are made for those.  All tags are professional and very nicely laid out.


How long does the estate sale last?


The average estate sale is a 3-day event.  Usually a  Friday / Saturday/Sunday sale.   We begin Friday & Saturday sales at 8am and end the sale at 4pm. Sunday sales are from 10am-3pm.   Prior to the sale we need on average 2 to 3 weeks to prepare the house, take all the photos, price all the items, and most importantly market the sale. 

How far in advance should I call you to schedule my sale?

You should call as soon as you decide to move or put your home on the market for us to come and meet with you.  Do not wait until you have a closing date for your home.  At that point it may be too late to schedule a sale. Sometimes we are scheduled weeks in advance and are unable to accommodate a last minute sale.  If you find yourself needing a quick sale always call to check with us because we do sometimes have a client that must reschedule a sale and we will be able to accommodate you.

How much does the average estate sale make?

Because each house is different this is a hard question to answer.  Upon our initial consultation we will try and provide you with a ball park figure. Please keep in  mind this could change if we discover new items while preparing the sale,  or if items are removed from the sale.

How successful is the average estate sale?

99% of the time we are able to sell 85- 90% of the estates salable items. The remaining items are items that usually should go to donation.  We will take those items and donate them for you if you would like.   Once again if anything of value is still available after the sale you will have the option for us to  take it to our warehouse on consignment or forwarded to  our next sale if we have room.

People sometimes misunderstand how an estate sale works.  An estate sale is a liquidation — it’s not a storefront where things might sit for a year or two before selling. We will  adjust a price during the sale if we find it necessary to move the item and we feel it is a fair price.  Some estate sale companies ‘over price’ to begin with and turn people away with such tactics.  Some estate sales price thing high the first day and then the second day have a 50 % off sale. We do not do this.  We price items fairly at the beginning of the sale for both our client as well as our customer.  Keep in mind that items are only worth what someone else is willing to pay for them.

Do you clean the house after the sale?

We will have your home broom clean when we are finished. That will include sweeping, vacuum, clean counters, and putting any trash in your home trash can.    Please keep in mind that we are not a cleaning service, however, we often leave homes and a walk-through and closing will take place the following day.  The home will be ready for that. Our job is to liquidate the house of its assets and provide you with as close to an empty house as possible.  Anything left over after the sale can be donated or we will schedule movers to forward to our warehouse.

When is the best time to hold an estate sale?

Estate sales are YEAR ROUND. Time or weather is NOT a factor. Just remember, if bad weather does occur your sale or move may need to be rescheduled.  Sometimes due to the carpet a clear runner may be placed over the traffic areas so that will help to keep those areas a little cleaner.  Please keep in mind that if your sale is in the middle of winter, or a very rainy day, you may need to come back in and have the carpets cleaned by a company.


Do you do Appraisals?

An appraisal is a different service than an estate sale. Ray’s Estate Sales does have the ability to get an appraisal on an item.  If we need to outsource an appraisal you may incur an additional charge.  Very few items would ever need to be appraised by someone other than our company.  We are there to liquidate/sell all items you have deemed go in the sale.

How is Ray’s Estate Sales paid/ what is your fee?

We are paid on commission only. It is in our best interest to insure you have a successful sale!   At the end of the sale our commission is deducted from the proceeds of the sale. No upfront fees, no minimum guarantees.   We work hard and know that referrals can only be earned.

When will we receive our money from the sale?

We will mail or meet you with a check  within 10 business days after  the sale.

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you charge sales tax?


We accept all the major credit cards, checks and of course cash.  We are a licensed in the State of Kentucky and Indiana with sales tax number.   We are required to charge sales tax.  Most people going to estate sales are aware of this.


Do you have additional staff working the sale?

Yes, depending on the size of the sale we will have 3-7 workers during sale hours. Our staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured and will be happy to provide you with a copy of our certificate.


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